Introducing Our Mascot

Bluorbit Mascot Buzzinga

When we began our journey of creating our company mascot back in September 2020, we had a purpose. Much like the iron law of restaurants, where customers are solely concerned about the food put in front of them and not with what is occurring in the back of the house, logistics are a back-end operation that members of the public rarely see or hear. At Bluorbit, we wanted to change that. Our motto at work is “Go Beyond”; beyond routine deliveries, beyond horizons, and beyond what is black and white. We focus on delivering emotions, experiences, and value, and we reasoned that the best way to convey this to our customers was to make logistics approachable. Enter: A mascot.

We began designing a mascot that would be the embodiment of our brand. A character that represents our company’s spirit, reflects our mission and brand values, and connects with our community, allowing them behind-the-scenes insight into the world of logistics and an opportunity to participate in the individual journeys that your packages and parcels take around the world.

We created a list of attributes that were important for our mascot to personify and are an extension of our Bluorbit team; people-oriented, dependable, swift, proficient problem solvers that welcome responsibility and go beyond their call every time much akin to a superhero. After a collaborative effort of getting the whole team involved in the process, many discussions at the illustrator’s desk, and repeatedly reciting one of our favorite popular catchphrases, “To Infinity and Beyond!” to capture its essence into the design, we revealed our mascot to our Bluorbit community.

Introducing our Mascot - Bluorbit
Bluorbit Mascot for safe and quickest dellivery across the world

The Next Challenge

We kept referring to our superhero as our Shipper-Hero around the office but knew he needed a name that would be as super as him. An important step in creating a mascot for our brand that we can be proud of was to create something purposeful for our customers. Therefore it only made sense that we shared the decision and let our Bluorbit community name our superhero. We asked our followers on social media to submit their catchy and creative suggestions to give the mascot “life” by having a name and a personality, allowing them to leave their mark and be part of the team.

Blurobit Mascot Buzzinga
Meet our Mascot Buzzinga

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Meet Buzzinga!

After around a month of collecting suggestions from the ‘Name Our Mascot’ contest, we are ready to announce the Bluobirt mascot’s official chosen name – Buzzinga! Sent by Instagram user Aqeel Bhat.
We have given him the nickname Buzz and are thrilled for him to become an integral part of our brand and share his adventures delivering emotions around the world.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

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