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We are the one-stop logistics solutions provider for all your shipment needs. Whether you need to ship any document or parcel from your home country to any other destination in the world map, we make it happen using our strong network and our years of experience. Our logistic solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals, SMEs, and large corporations. We keep the world moving while following international standards to ensure that your parcel or shipment arrives at your desired destination right when you want it.


How to Calculate Local and International Courier Shipping Rates?

On “MyBluorbit” page, you can get an estimated shipping rates, all you have to do is enter the origin country of the shipment, its destination country, weight and the dimension of your shipment. However, the final rates may differ from what is shown in the page and you will get actual rates when you confirm the booking. But with Bluorbit, you can rest assured that your shipment will be handled professionally as per the international shipping standards.


Why Bluorbit is the Best Express Courier Logistics in the UAE?

We specialize in getting your shipment moved from Point A to Point B in a safe and secure manner to ensure that our most valued assets (our customers) remain happy and continue with their business activities without facing any hassle. For individuals, we understand that every shipment you send to your loved ones living miles away is a sentiment that you cherish, which is why we remain focused on delivering it the way you would have done personally or even better.

There are a million reasons we can give you to choose Bluorbit, but the one that tops the chart is perfection. From handling your shipment to delivering it at the destination of your choice, our team of perfectionists is always willing to go above and beyond to deliver things that matter to you and your recipient. At Bluorbit, we believe that our 90 years of experience in global freight forwarding, express and aircraft chartering along with our state-of-the-art infrastructure and strategic locations makes us one of the best one-stop logistics solutions across the world. We have conquered the skies, roads, and oceans in our efforts to deliver your needs.

Get the Best International Courier Services in the UAE

Bluorbit is reshaping the future of logistics – one shipment at a time. We have entered the market with one vision to become the most preferred logistics partner for businesses and individuals across the globe. With each passing day, we are inching closer to our goal by providing fast, reliable and efficient logistics solutions to businesses of all sizes and to individuals. Our aim is to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience to all our customers by providing topnotch courier services in the UAE and across the globe. If you need to send a parcel to any country around the world from UAE, then air cargo is your best bet. At Bluorbit, we ensure that your parcel, documents, cargo and goods reach the destination right when you want them to be delivered.

Air Cargo via Bluorbit

Air cargo is the preferred choice for businesses who want their goods to be delivered within a specific amount of time. When you book your shipment with us, we provide you an air cargo express tracking number so that you can easily track where your shipment is at any given time and when it will reach the destination. Whether you are shipping your cargo using Bluorbit from UAE or to UAE, we provide you airline tracking number for UAE, making it easier for you to keep track of the movements. There are many local courier services in UAE, but what makes Bluorbit standout from the rest is our values to uphold every commitment we make to our clients while ensuring 100% transparency. In a very short span of time, Bluorbit has made its name in among the leading global airline courier service in UAE and across the globe.

Cargo via Sea & Roads

International courier and cargo companies like Bluorbit generally use three methods to provide unmatched cargo services one is already explained above i.e. air cargo and the other two methods include sending goods/cargo via sea or roads. If you are search queries on search engines are like the majority i.e. “courier company near me,” then Bluorbit is the answer. We have an extensive network spread across the UAE and the globe to ensure that you can easily book your shipments/cargo with Bluorbit. The benefits we offer compared to the local courier companies near you are global presence, ability to provide express courier logistics in the UAE, and a tracking ID for each shipment. Even if you prefer to send your cargo within the UAE or outside of the country via oceans or roads, we can help you just do that.

The Ultimate Global and Local Courier Service Provider

Are you looking for a courier service in Philippines? Perhaps you want express courier service in the UAE? Or you might want to ship your export order to overseas using a courier service? Whatever you need to ship, Bluorbit covers it all. We become a parcel courier company for individuals who wish to send their cargo with the emirates of the UAE and if you are looking for Dubai-based courier services, then we are that for you. We are the ultimate global and local courier service provider for businesses and individuals in the UAE and across the globe.

We leverage our strong presence in every market and years of experience in the industry to provide our valued customers the most competitive international courier rates in the UAE and globally. We are the answer to all your queries be it “express courier near me;” “my local courier UAE;” or “express courier logistics UAE.”

Whatever you need to ship and the expectations you have from an international courier company, Bluorbit is the company you should go with. We are not only a local courier delivery services in the UAE, but also a global airline courier service for you. If you are an individual who wishes to send a gift to a loved one living miles away but want to select a company that not only delivers the gift but the emotions as well, then Bluorbit is the right for you. If you are a business who wishes to send a sample for your next big export order and want to ensure that it reaches the destination quickly, then our express delivery courier services is what you need. We will provide you with an air cargo express tracking number when you book your shipment that you can share with your prospect to ensure that they know how committed you are about building a relationship with them.


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